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You would not think from seeing the wonderful display our hellebores are putting on in the Bristol Botanic Garden that they once had the dreaded blight. We volunteers spent hours cutting away every leaf and flower that had even a tiny spot on them and it worked. None died. i have some blind daffodils in the long grass but i think that may be because they are congested so i will dig them up and replant them in the green.


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  • The ground where my daffs grow has been to hard to dig over the last few year's as it's been so dry,maybe this year I may be able to lift and dived them. Oldchippy.
  • Sam13Sam13 Posts: 1

    I am new to gardening as I only moved into a property with a garden last year. We had an abundance of daffs last year - but this year it's just the leaves which are in abundance again - but no flowers. Which i'm told is blind daffs.  I've looked everywhere online and no-one seem to tell me what to do with them. Do I leave them all summer until they die off and then cutt them down, or should I dig the bulbs up when the leaves have died and buy new bulbs ready for next year?  

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Did you cut the leaves off last year, or did you let them wither away naturally?
  • Couldnt work out what the wonderful smell was in my front garden. Hyacinths. Doh. They are looking really beautiful this year.

    Let the daffs die down naturally, this lets the goodness go back into the bulbs. Remove leaves when they have died off. Are the bulbs planted deep enough?



  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Mmmm love the smell of hyacinths. Bloke's recently built me a new log store, with a flat roof. I've got a trough of hyacinths on there at the moment, they're just at nose height as you walk past.
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    Mmm Hyacinths! lovely. bought some in Morrisons for £1 and kept them around the house this spring, house smells fab and will plant them out when they die down

  • Jon 13Jon 13 Posts: 1

    Hi Sam13 try this link for looking after your daffodils. Good luck image

  • I have a better display of Daffs this year which may be down to last year's wet, wet, wet. So it's probably a good idea to let them have some water if the summer is dry. It probably helps flower bud formation in late summer.

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