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Drosera Capensis

I'm going to buy one of these. Which one should Igo for out of the below, and why?

Also, if anyone know's any other sites that are good that I can use, let me know and I will check them out image


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi, Huntertony. I have cape sundew. I acquired 3 carnivorous plants last year and up to now they have survived the winter. image I'm not sure which species it is but have identified it as a Cape and up to now , have not had any problems with it.

    I read a lot of useful information on this site.

    It has a care guide as well. This year I'm going to try another Venus flytrap.

    I find them fascinating little plants.image Here is my sundew.



  • ThaiGerThaiGer Posts: 165

    Hello, now you can see what we do with some carnivorous plants-we eat them. Good cleaning (many time) and fill with sticky rice and creamy coconut souce-yam yam!








     Have a good evening, ThaiGer.

  • BevsBevs Posts: 1

    Try Hampshire Carnivorous Plants -

    As well as sundew & Venus flytrap I've a number of pitcher plants, all of which have survived for a number of years. The pots sit in trays which I keep topped up with about 0.5" rainwater all year round. Apart from removing dead leaves occasionally & repotting when they are about to split their pot that's all the attention they get.

  • Thanks Bev's. Already ordered from the other site but nothing has been delivered yet, so i migh cancel my order if nothing comes soon and buy from them image


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