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Adventitious roots

have a large plant with daisy like flower it has taken over my flower bed I have cut it right back and have been trying to dig the roots up but there not moving Does anyone know of any product I can put on them to kill off the root system


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,237

    The best way to kill the root system is spray the leaves with glyphosate, and then leave the plant to die over the course of a few weeks - but you need a decent amount of leaf surface for it to work well. Would be interested to know what plant it is, do you have any more details / pics?

  • Hi there, When there is top growth I put on a rubber glove and gently cover the leaves in roundup gel. I then cover the head with a plastic bag.  If you do not have growth it won't be long before you will have,  especially when you don't want it

    good luck

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