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Can anyone help me with advice on the care of Cannas during the winter. I live in rural Herefordshire and assume that I cannot leave them out in the garden during the winter. Do they need to come indoors in pots as I do not have a greenhouse or would a sheltered position and possibly fleece do the trick?


  • adam sorry to bring this into this blog but you are saying how good gardenersworld is. so why are you leting other peple pull the program down becouse toby is runing it and carol and joe is not what about you or pippa lets hear what you have to say and stop them runing gardenersworld down becouse toby got the job. and lets hear from joe and carol or you see them and see what thay afto say.
  • brenda i have cannas and i put them in my garden two years ago. but this year i notised that they are growing well. and they are big but they are not redy to flower. and it is going into the frost seson so i was told to put them in the greenhouse and put them back out in spring and they shuld flower the same year when i put them out agen i willgive them a good feed and hope
  • i have a small weeping cherry tree and a couple of the branches have no buds on them is it ok to cut them off
  • I have a weeping cherry blossom tree about 15yrs old 8ft tall 5ft from the front of our house and 1 ft from the front wall, will I have to chop it down as running the risk of damaging the foundaions and pushing the front wall out. I'm reluctant to do this as for as for 2-3 weeks it has beautiful blossoms on it any advice would be well received. Thank you, Brian
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