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  • It looks great I have a small pond too and I get frogs and newts I put a net over mine in autumn to catch the leaves still gets some in but it stops a lot (I leave a gap for anything that wants to escape) don't be disheartened enjoy your pond image
  • Pam11Pam11 Posts: 3
    I think your pond looks really good Erica938. I hope you will get loads of visitors to it this year.
  • Erica938Erica938 Posts: 25
    Thank you all for your kind words.... I love my pond ;0)
  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Our wee wildlife pond is close to,  ( 1 metre ) off a patch of holly hedge, is about 3 sq. m in area. I put some mud and grunge into it from a proper wild pond, with some weed, and this was some 5 years ago. I have a resident population of 6 good frogs, who wish me 'bon jour' every day in the spawning season. It has virtually no attention but for desultory clearing of the worst of the weed during the year. I lined the hole with some spare pond liner that the gardening centre didn't bother to charge me for, bless 'em, and it slakes the thirst of our honey bees, wasps, butterflies, hedgehogs, da boidies, and gives us a spiritual re-charging of batteries. We love our time oop t'lotty, and it's worth every penny we spend on it, in it.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    It's not about putting people off. It's about knowing all the facts, regardless to whether we want to hear them. You don't go and buy/ build something with only the  positives in mind, do you ? I have 20 years experience with ponds and 10 years in gardening and in that time I've encountered many problems, which can happen regardless of size. Perhaps I should take my advice somewhere else, where it will be appreciated.

    If people don't like friendly advice or someone's opinion, why post. Not like we are children and can't have a sensible discussion about what can go wrong.

    Never encountered this before, how bizarre. Might look for another forum, NOT !! hahah


  • Erica938Erica938 Posts: 25

    I appreciate your advice however i wouldn't have called it constructive when all you wrote is 'it will end up like pea soup' hence the reason why i asked you why you wrote that, also your posts didn't come across as friendly (my opinion). Anyway the pond is there to stay and i feel rather optimistic about it. I'll update on its progress during the summer and if it ends up like pea soup you'll be the first to know image

  • Erica938Erica938 Posts: 25

    Peat Ballan...i hope my frogs are as cultured as yours image

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683
    marshmello wrote (see)

    Hope that pond is in full shade, otherwise it's gonna looker greener than pea soup and hotter than a boiling kettle in the summer.



    Nope, this is what I actually said. I'll re-write " HOPE that pond is in full shade, OTHERWISE it's gonna looker greener than pea soup."  The keys words were more than constructive IMO.  No where in my post did I write " it will end up like pea soup"

    If, it does "end up like pea green soup" ( your words ) which btw most ponds do. You'll already know how to fix the problem. Therefore you'll have no reason to post such a problem. 


  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Peeps ! Let's be peaceful with each other ! Like , Man, woss wiv all these negative vibes ? Y'know wot Oim sayin'? Like man, it's a bummer to fall out over a bit of pond weed !  Come round an' meet mah frogs, dontchya know ?  Four frogs is eight eyes, like, wowwwww !  heavy heavy heavy !

    The big frog says, Bon Soir, ma petites !

    Au revoir, like.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Whey aye man. image

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