Black spot on red robin bush

Hi, could anyone please tell me what is wrong with my red robin bush. the green leaves all have this black spot on them.I have had the bush for two and a half years and this is the first time that this has happened. I am a novice Gardener and dont really know much about problem solving. It still producing new growth. I would be grateful for any info on the problem.





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    What area of your garden you grow this bush? Full sun, in shadow, what plants around the photinia? Normaly the spots come from some fungis. Remove the sick  leaves when the plant is dry. Leaves that collect around the base of your ph. should be raked up and disposed of. Avoid overhead irrigation if possible; water should be directed at soil surface. For fungal leaf spots, use a organic fungicide (maybe Neem Oil). Best luck, ThaiGer,

  • Hi thanks for the advice much apprecieted. Its growing in the middle of my lawn, so its mostly in full sun. and i have planted spring bulbs around it. regards E


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    Think that you can nothing do against the desease-it's the reaction of a cold,wet Winter. This shrub like full or half sun and need a good drain and mineral fertilizer. Because of this fact is a good idea to grow plants around, which help to give some elements: ornamental and herb plants like miscanthus sinensis zebrinus (zebra grass) and lupins, phlox scabious,geums. Have a good evening, ThaiGer.

  • try the following it works on roses and seems to be the same type of problem. when the rain lands on the rose leaves it causes the spores on the leaves to spread to other leaves from the splashes. mix two tbs.of jeyes fluid in a gallon of water with a squirt of washingup liquid which will help the jeyes fluid to stick to the leaves.spray the ground around the plant as well.this should do the job. spray every 14 days till the problem is gone.

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    my red robin has the same image 

    most of the leaves appear to be affected and i assumed  it was due to the weather last year. I will try the suggested treatment above - thanks!

  • photinia belong to the rosaceae family, that of the roses.

    similarly to your roses they do not like excessive water around the roots and such stresses can cause fungal infections -hence your black spots similar to those seen on rose leaves.

    the difference being that photinia is evergreen, so infected leaves are not shed in autumn. but you will find an infected shrub will shed the majority of infected leaves in spring, which should be collected up and burnt.

    you can use a spray fungicide such as multi rose which will begin to control and alleviate the issue.

    if choosing new photinias to plant pay close attention to the species you are buying.

    photinia serrulata is highly prone to black spot, where as photinia x fraseri shows far more tolerance to black spot.
  • Hi very much appreciate the suggestions on getting rid of black spot on red robin,my schrub has got it on old leaves and also on the young growth. thanks.

  • i have the same problem with my robin, but i also have a dog, what could i spray on the plant to be safe for my pet? 

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    Your dog won't touch it in the first place jojellybean unless it's suddenly become a herbivore.

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    Advice for Jeyes fluid on blackspot on roses sounds like a plan. I am desperate to get rid of the blackspot on the leaves however my rose Blossoms look fine. I even stripped a couple of my rose bushes of their infected leaves but then realised they need their leaves for photosynthesis don't they??? Any More advice would be welcomed.

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