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Dolores2Dolores2 Posts: 19

I have mildew on my white currants and I would appreciate any advice on safe way to get rid of this. Is yellow sulphur safe for edible plants.


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,034

    Sulphur is not really good for human consumption, so I would be very wary of using it on fruit if you are going to collect the berries. If, like ours the berries have been picked then perhaps.

    Usual reason for mildew is dryness at the roots. Try watering the bush, even if it has rained. Or spray with a 9 parts water to one part milk solution. That has been known to deal with Mildew and at least it is not toxic to us.

  • Dolores2Dolores2 Posts: 19

    Thank you very much for the tips. Will try the milk solution.

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