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Sunflowers,Slugs,Snails & garden pests

Hello Fellow Garden lovers image

Some weeks ago now i sent off for the Gardeners world sunflower promotion

& was sent Sunflower KONG which i`m please to say are impressive

largest is 4ft already *Not far behind the DON* image

but despite covering the up at night putting sharp stones etc. around the base

sadly i`m still getting the usual pests mentioned & are having a munch on the leaves so apart from what i`m doing to protect & maybe the odd hand grenade image

any tips for me to keep them as safe as possible?


Thanks all



  • FrannerzFrannerz Posts: 72
    My Russian giants are also being munched. I wait for the dead of night and pop out with my torch. I hadn't had much luck finding the culprit but I knew it was a slug as it had left a slime trail over the leaves. Until last night. . . HA. At about 2 am I popped out, CAUGHT THE SLIMY BEGGAR. I was so cross as it had done so much damage, I'm afraid I showed no mercy and promptly sharpened the end of a mini bamboo cane, wet it and rolled it in salt. Then, let's just say 'removed the offender'.

    Unfortunately I've found the only way is to be more persistent than the pests are. Constant looking over both sides of the leaves removing all manner of pesky pesty.
  • Many thanks for the suggestions so far image

    Pauline & Frannerz i will be sure to try those. image


    Does beer work as well?

  • Pauline 7 image

    I have been busy cutting up bottles & done exactly what you suggested & it works a treat

    the fight back has begun so far no slimy little silver trailing pests have got near my prized beauties

    Sunflower Kong currently is 4.3 ft
  • I use beer traps in my garden and they work fairly well.  Can I put the resultant beer plus dead slugs into my compost bin?

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