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I think the red flower is a peonie (if im wrong please correct me) but its the one next to the pansy that i looking for the name



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,996

    Can't make the pic big enough to see well but it could be a sedum. Has it got quite thick fleshy leaves?

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  • Nut, I also thought it might be an ice plant and was just going to ask about the leaves! Sedums would be about that size at the time when a peony flowers.

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  • Hi I have looked through all my books and i believe it is a sedum, it has thick fleshy leaves. Thank you for your replies.Is the red flower a peonie?


  • Unfortunately my knowledge for gardening does not match my enthusiasm. How would you divide a Sedum? its a well established plant....Thank you

  • dig up and halve or quarter depending on its size they are quite toughimage

  • Thank you :0)
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