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what can I put in compost



  • Hi ,this not a plug for this magazine but in this months Grow itimage there is an article about composting and you also get packet of free seeds with the mag....


  • Super Gran, All shredders can get blocked, particularly by putting in too much soft green wet stuff all at once.  Over the years, I've learnt to feed it with a balanced diet (bit like myself, really!)  I keep two piles of stuff, one 'wet' and one 'dry' and put some 'wet' stuff in, followed by about 4 times as much 'dry'.  I find this keeps it from blocking too often, but some stuff (eg pampas grass, sweetcorn leaves) contains long tough fibres and these tend to get wrapped around spinning parts, so I try to avoid putting in stuff like that  (I chop it in to small bits with secateurs instead.)

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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,323

    We have this shredder 

    I think its very good but the blades go blunt after a while, havent bought a new on yet so dont know how much they cost.

    I agree with Bob, put in a bit of each..

    I dont put rose prunings in my compost heaps, because of the thorns, also, I have learned from last years experience, that dead heads from bellis daisys come up everywhere. 


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  • Thanks BobThe Gardener and Lyn I'll have a look at your link.  It's great this forum


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