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After successfuuly growing tatties last year at first attempt, I am hooked on growing veg and fully expect all attempts from here on in to be just as successful. 

After reading countless guides, blogs and articles, I planned the following. Please advise if any of the following is clearly stupid: Proper Garlic cloves purchased, was going to sow next couple of days (I know its late, but stay in Glasgow and still have frosty mornings)......parsnips in large pots/buckets in March?.....Shallots/Red onions in soil, albeit the soil is clay and heavy, next couple of days?

What do you think folks, many thanks for any advice...




  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Hello Brycey D. You may have problems with the garlic not separating onto cloves, but they are still edibleimage

    I have never grown parsnips, but I grow carrots in the large plastic (tarpaulin type) containers from Marshalls. I think they are 3 for about 11/12 £.

    Good luck!

  • good luck with your plan,what ever you achieve will be a lesson in success or failure but  you will learn on the way.

  • What soil do you use in your tarpaulin type bags for growing carrots?


  • Hi Brycey D .  I am just a little futher south and to the west of you  outside Drogheda I sowed parsnip seed in march last year and they failed so I resowed in April and I am still harvesting them . best of luck ,


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Madeleine51, I use a mix of bought compost with sharp sand and a little organic chicken manure pellets. I find the sharp sand, which I add to all containers aids drainage and stops mossy growths in damp weather.image

  • Hi Brycey. I'm Glasgow as well. I'm on my 4th year growing veg and it certainly has been a steep learning curve. I plant out my garlic in October and it did very well last year. This year it looks quite well at this stage. I also have some more to put in the ground which will be the latest I have tried it so the results should be good to compare. I would say we are fortunate to have frost till later in the year as far as garlic goes as it really does need some to spllit into cloves.

    I would suggest that planting out anything else might be a bit early yet. Frist is great for the garlic but will kill off the others. The ground is too cold for onions I think and the parsnips wont germinate yet even in containers. 

    Last year we had late frosts till May which killed off a few of my early sowing. Doesn't stop me from itching to get sowing again this year! Just trying some self restraint!!

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Have just listened to GQT on Radio4; one person wanted to know how to grow peas in a window box; it was a family competition to grow the first pea of the year, how mad are we about growing veg?image

  • Thanks for all the replies folks.image


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