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Snow damage to Summer flowering evergreen MAGNOLIA

I have a beautiful evergreen ummer flowering magnolia (planted in the wrong place but surviving) but the weight of the snow on one of the branches has pulled it away from the main trunk.  My husband wants to simply saw it off but I wonder if there is any way to save it?  It has pulled about a foot from the main trunk and I presume will also be vunerable to frost.

Could we bind, or gaffa tape it back to the main trunk?  Would this help to protect it?

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.



  • well I have in the past manged to bind a tree back to broken point with tape but it does not always work it might be best to cut the offending branch off and letting the tree recover.

  • Thanks Flowering Rose.  Will I damage the tree by trying?  It seems such a shame to spoil the shape.  If we do saw the branch off do we have to treat the open tear on the main trunk? 

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