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Containers for growing vegetables

I'm new to growing vegetables in containers and am wondering if there are any issues in terms of taste/metal contamination around using tin, stainless steel or aluminium that need to be considered. I'm thinking of carrots in my old tin bath and lettuce in colanders to start with ..... Any guidance welcomed ....... Trying to avoid poisoning myself! Thanks in advance ......


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    There was a project onGW a few years ago when they grew veggies in all sorts of odd containers to prove anyine could do it anywhere - old boots, old wellies, old olive oil cans, old tin baths and so on.   As long as you use good growing compost and get the drainage and watering right I can't see any problems except with lead.

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  • Sarah, I have grown veg in all sorts of containers including colanders, metal dustbins, watering cans and many others.  Thought I read somewhere that copper can leach out but not sure.



  • Thanks guys...Will let you know how I get on! Seems silly but actully pretty excited....


  • I shouldn't worry too much about containers contaminating your veg. The truth is that most allotment soil, especially in or near urban areas, or where impartial combustion of vegetable matter has taken place, is likely to fail modern safety standards for the acceptable levels of heavy metals and pcb's but the benefits of growing your own, massively outweighs the theoretical risk of poisoning yourself.

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  • Many thanks Alan. So true...........



  • Sue HSue H Posts: 415
    A tin bath!! Where did you get it. Am very envious!!
  • Junk shop....... it was meant to be for bathing the dog but he prefers soap and warm water indoors! I have to say I love it. Going for catering colanders too for the lettuce. Not so expensive if you shop around.

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