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Hi, this is my first post here so please be gentle with me! Over the winter we've put a bed between our patio and parking area, with a view to screening between them to create some privacy for summer barbecues. The screen is a trellis pergola 5.4 m wide and 1.8 m high and I'm looking to find the best evergreen climber to plant to complete the job. I thought about a jasmine, but am told it will grow too vigorously, and am hoping that someone with much more experience will have some ideas. We've got various clematis and my wife is fed up with them getting a bit "wild". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, hedgehogsdad


  • Hello dad! Is it in the sun or the shade?

    PS welcome to the forum.
  • Sorry, should have said. The trellis is north/south (ish) so it could be south facing and in the sun until mid afternoon. It's quite exposed though and we do get a bit of a breeze....
  • Hi Hedgehogsdad, we have a trellis fence that screens off our patio area from a public footpath that goes next to it. I planted Akebia there. It's semi evergreen and from the spring gets some lovely lush growth that works well as a screen for us and as a bonus is covered with perfumed blossom in spring. I have just one of these and next to that is a lovely climbing rose called the Generous Gardener. They were planted about six years ago and this winter I've given the rose a good reshape, the Akebia just needs a spruce up every now and then. The fence is about the same height as yours, around 18 ft long and runs from N to S. The soil is not bad, I guess you'd say moisture retentive but well drained as it never waterlogs but neither do I ever have to water it there. A link to see the Akebia is below

    Hope this helps.


  • What about an evergreen honeysuckle? You need something fairly vigorous to cover that area. If you pick one with a AGm, such as Halliana or Henrii you will get good performance and Halliana has a lovely scent.. They do get very big eventually but are relatively easy to prune back. Deciduous ones such as 'Graham Thomas' are lovely and somewhat smaller. 

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    sorry it's me again with my disorganised postings..i have bought my 3 climbing roses,madame gregoire staechelin,zephrine druhin and new mainly east facing,sheltered,most areas get 3ish hrs of sun,1 site more lie an hourish at mo,neighbours fence makes it shady,which of these would toleratemost shade?want to add all groups of clematis and a honeysuckle too,in one fairly shady site there's an existing jasmineand an unknown small leaved thornless rose and a climbing hydrangea.there's a mature fig tree,too, 2 of the roses are going either side of this but am worried when leaves come it'll drown/shade out roses, please accept apologies for so many questions,so excited to have our own garden rather than open/shared yard want to get it right,any ideas or comment? sorry no idea how to upload photos (will ask hubby to teach me if he ever gets a minute)

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    Louise if you look up your roses on the site link below it should answer your questions

    It will probably answer all your questions about soil , position etc

    Good luck

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    thanks, i'll have a look,know all roses would like 4 hours of sun a day really but hope to succeed,front garden gets a fair bit of sun so when it's not dug up for plunbing i'm going to choose 6 shrubs and a mock orange,v exciting!

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