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Training climbing rose

I planted two climbing roses by my front (low) fence last year. They are doing really well, but it is now time to start training them to grow against the railings. They are growing strong and well mostly away from the fence (they get full sunlight through the railings so it is not that they are growing towards the light). What should I do? Cut off the strong stems that are growing in the wrong direction and concentrate on the ones growing in the right direction? Gradually bend the strong ones towards the railings, they seem stiff and reluctant to go.... Any tips would be really hugely helpful. Thank you.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,007

    If you remove the stems growing away from your fence, energy will automatically be diverted to the others which are where you want them.   Tie these remaining stems in as horizontally as possible as this will encourage the formation of flowers.    Every spring you need to repeat the process to keep the shape and, once they're established, you'll need to remove a main stem occasionally to encourage the plants to renew their vigour.

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  • Thanks so much obelixx. I'll take my courage in my hands and cut back the flourishing in-growing stems!

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