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Help with working out type of chili pepper plant

Davei7Davei7 Posts: 5








Can anyone Identify the chili plant for me? I was thinking maybe lemon drop chili but I am not 100% now as they are getting bigger.

what do you think?



Thanks for any help.


  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    Lemon drop is Capsicum baccatum and has distinctively coloured flowers, unlike C. annuum. As you say, the pods are quite wrong. The leaves do not look like C. chinense, so I think C. annuum is safest. How big are the pods? There is a surprisingly large number of chilli varieties. Size of pod, colour when ripe, and heat level will help ID it.

  • Davei7Davei7 Posts: 5
    I try and get a photo of the pods and flowers tomorrow morning.

    The first biggest pod on the plant is around 10cm long and 5cm wide its looks to be turning yellow.

    The flowers look very white, no distinct yellow markings inside.

    I know this is not a lot of help but I try and get some more photos soon, thanks for reply.
  • Davei7Davei7 Posts: 5
    I wonder if it's a chocolate chilli variety plant? the leaf looks very similar or Trinidad scorpion yellow pepper maybe.
  • Davei7Davei7 Posts: 5






     here some more photos, does it help?

    Thanks for any help again

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    looks too big of a fruit to be a hot chili (the hotter they are the smaller they are!) where did you get the seed?

    it might be a cross from a sweet pepper with a chili if its from a store bought chili that you've then used the seed from?

  • Davei7Davei7 Posts: 5

    They was given to me for fathers day 2 years ago and kids planted them, I have 2 of this one and 8 plants of another kind but they don't have any chilli's on them yet.


    I think I have found the plant now, looks like I was wrong, they look to be Jalapeno peppers.


    Thanks all image

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