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Recycling compost from last years tomato growbags

I'm quite new to gardening and I think this is my first post here.  I've just taken over the garden and have been through the seed inventory this evening and realised I'm quite behind on potting and germinating.

I need to get my potting done sharpish but have no potting compost and I'm on a zero budget. The compost hasn;t come to much from last year, Theough the C/N ratio is fine, there isn;t enough heat in there and there's not much humus at the bottom. Neighbours have been putting non-chopped up stuff in the compost bins, it has been colder than normal and due to critical illness in the family I didn't get the change to put more insulation round the compost bins

Can I recycle the compost from last year's tomato growbags? How could I sterilise it of for example blight microorganisms ? In the oven / microwave? There are various soil additives in the shed, bloodmeal, fishmeal, chicken waste if neede., It's not for potting tomato plants I know not to plant the same crops in the same soil twice.  I want to get the peas, sprouts, broad beans, leek, cucumber and  other Jan/Feb crops started off.

Any advice would be appreciated




  • think you are being ovt, the used stuff from the toms last year is perfect for re-invigorating.. going organic use chicken pellets, also try some rock dust.. in B&Q under their SEER range. No need to sterilise, just rotate the crops, easy as..

  • Cool. Thanks

    I'm just back from the wholesalers (ahem,...carpet shop skip) with pots (carpet roll tube), for my beans, peas parsnips etc, insulation  so I'll get on with that in the morning

  • Fascinating! You'd have had a tenner from GW for that idea in their section on gardening on the cheap!

  • You are not too late to get started, quite the opposite in this awful spring. i have had more losses over the years from being too keen to get started and then the weather gets in the way, or the plants get leggy etc...they will always catch up when they are ready which probably means when they start to enjoy some warmth and good light levels.

    I also find the seed suppliers, garden centres etc always encourage you to get going too soon. Just because they have it in stock doesn't mean that it is right time.

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