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Can we build a fence tight to a hedge?



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,895

    I'd cut the bits of fence out that you have - if possible - to tidy it up,  then erect a simple post and chicken wire fence in front of it to keep the dog in. Timber, if you want to go to that expense, would be more attractive.  Ideally, you'd do that on the outside, but I expect that might not be feasible. image

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  • I wonder what the outcome was at the pannipp residence?   We put a picket fence 3' high inside our Laurel hedge, works  to keep our goldie in the garden and he can still see what's going on outside

  • I have done this with a hawthorn hedge and now the posts/netting are hidden by the hedge itself. 

    Hi hypercharleyfarley - hope you see this - 4 years ago you posted above.   I have been looking for advice / experience of  exactly what you have described.  How is it now please? Is stock fencing still good / have post bases gone?  We have hundreds of metres to do so need to ensure we don't get it wrong!  (fencing off public footpath to make it dog proof)

    Idea is stock fencing with 2 strands plain wire 4ft high then plant hawthorn / mixed species in line with posts. Then when posts eventually rot the hedge will hold up the netting keeping the boundary dog proof and avoiding the expense of a new fence.  Any info / feedback from all would be very much appreciated please.... many thanks, Mark

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    You need to think of what sort of dog you want. Some are bred to dig holes to get rabbits etc. Like those Jack Russells.  Then you might probably need  a very deep under soil barrier  as well. 

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  • thank you for your response - looks like i didnt explain myself properly!  Its to stop people on footpath with dogs they can't control running across where they are not meant to be!!  I've no longer got dogs myself (had a whippet lurcher and a jack russell cross - both wonderful) - didnt get any more mainly due to the growing minority of idiotic dog owners allowing their animals to attack others - but thats another story!!  so digging holes isnt an issue really - foxes will do that anyway which can just be backfilled. And as roots take hold will become harder.

    Question really is will the hedge hold the netting up once posts rotted?  or will hedge it damage it or the old posts/netting bring the hedge down? If it stays put and keeps the dogs out its a no brainer. Not worried if it pulls netting about a bit. Was hoping to get some feedback on something similar a good few years down the line...... any further thoughts appreciated please.

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