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Lawnmower problem help please

Hi everyone I got some new 4 stroke for my lawnmower and tried it out today and so much smoke I had to stop I thought it was going to blow I bought briggs and Stratton 4 stroke rather than my usual Granville 3850C 4 stroke lawnmower oil is the mower smoking alot when you use new type of oil normal? Should I just keep running it? Or should I go back and get my usual oil? Thanks Sam


  • FirecrackerFirecracker East Lancashire.Posts: 254

    I just use petrol in my Honda mower, and change the oil in winter. The only time it smokes is if I flip it on its side to clean underneath, but that's only a temporary thing.

  • When ours smoked we were told that we had put too much oil in.

  • Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68
    So just keep using it even if it's smoking? It was giving off a burnt smell to? Will it eventually stop? I don't want to risk buggering up my lawnmower. Thanks Sam
  • Billy GoatBilly Goat Posts: 51

    Was it tipped over at any point?   This will cause it to smoke really bad

    check the oil on the level and if it's ok just keep running it and it will eventully run ok

  • Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68
    Thanks everyone image update seems to be running ok now just kept it running and it eventually smoked out and seems to be working fine thanks guys and gals. Happy gardening. Sam
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