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hello, a few weeks back I bought some lovely large glazed ceramic pots and filled them with Asiatic Lily bulbs. They have been slow to get going because of the cooler, wet early summer. However I noticed one or two trying to pop their little heads above the compost last week but to my dismay this weekend, one of the pots had a gaping hold in the compost and a whole bulb has been taken. Now I know the Jackdaws and Magpies which are very widespread around where I live often dig around and fling the compost all over the patio image but for the life of me I cannot work out what has eaten the bulb. this is not the first time that this has happened, a little while back I noticed that one of my hostas in a very large pot had a gaping hole down the side of the compost !!!

not sure what's going on here but maybe someone will have an idea ???

thanks for your help



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    ...or it could be a badger or we have had foxes burying hens eggs down the sides of pots before!

    You could always use some galvanised metal [with suitably sized] mesh cut to fit your pot and position it just under the surface of the soil to give you a bit of extra protection...

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    thanks for the replies but we definitely don't have squirrels or badgers (too urbanised). could it be foxes ???  do they eat bulbs ??? always thought bulbs were poisonous !!!

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    foxes do steal bulbs, i had loads taken, squirrels do too but we don't get squirrels here, i sprinkled some old spices inc chilli on the ground and they stopped, i had one plant go missing and in it's place was a slice of old bread image cheers foxy

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