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Really need some help, badly!!!!



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    So what has happened since hawk and rose?

  • Hey,

    Thanks for all your support nice to be on such a friendly, helpful forum for a change.

    Well nothing has happened with getting our stuff back but I've been working hard over the half term holiday to get it back into some decent state, i've got our tools hanging up and used an old mini pvc green house shelving to store small tool, watering can, bottles etc on, so the inside of the shed is looking really organised right now. I've built a composter and planned my beds.

    I've started to replace some bits and bobs thanks to people being lovely. We were given 4 herb plants and 6 strawberries by the local plant stall because she was so disgusted by the theft, So got half the strawberry plants we had back we have a rosemary, sage, thyme and marjoram. We found a plastic barrel washed up on the beach on sunday so we're going to use that as a water butt for now and then wait to get a proper one, when we have got ourself sorted.

    My dad's kindly offered to rebuy us a coldframe. We said we'll give it till mid march if we hear nothing he'll replace it then.

    We're going to get some pots on this payday, and I'm looking out for bargains on the pots.

    To cheer myself up I brought some fruit trees, an apple, a pear, a plum and a cherry. We got 4 free 30 litre pots, so we're going to grow them in the pots so if we get a house with a nice big garden we can grow them on there at some point, Total came to £29.99p plus free p&p.

    Got some vouchers so I'm going to by a walking pvc mini greenhouse and I'm looking out for cheap strawberry planters.

    So hopefully with a little more hard work and tlc we should get there with the allotment.

    gardengirl.. I am growing flowers with my vegs, growing sunflowers, sweet peas, cosmos, alsorts really, mostly flowers that I can cut. I want to grow a climber over the front of the shed, something that smells like honeysuckle or jasmine. But not sure at the moment.

  • So glad you are rebuilding your allotment and regaining hope. Do you now know who took the things?

  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    Great to have an update and hear that you are feeling positive and getting things done!

  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Well done hawk and rose for remaining optimistic and starting again image.  I'm sure your allotment will give you great pleasure and this will make up for your bad start.  Let us know how things are progressing - we're all "rooting" for you image.

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    I am pleased you are beginning to get sorted out and are in a more positive frame of mind. Hopefully you will have no more problems. keep growing, it is a us posted won't you

  • Pleased to hear things are somewhat sorted. Look on the seed swap and see if I have any flower seeds you would like.

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,471
    Great to here you are getting things under way again image
  • Aldi are a great source of garden stuff, they had fruit trees in last week @ 3.99 each, were a few left, bramley & cox's orange pippin, apricot, cherry & raspberry canes (canes were £3.99 for 3).  Raised bed kits @7.99, 3 and 4 tier PVC greenhouses about £20ish each, seeds 39p each (most veg were sold out, but lots of flowers left).

    Ebay are good for pots together with shuttle trays (don't make the mistake I did & get round pots, if you get the square ones you can get 3 trays in a smallish cold frame rather than just 2).  The shuttle trays are great for moving things en masse so you're not to-ing and fro-ing (I have ME/CFS so that's important for me!)

    Don't forget if you shop at Tesco you can swop clubcard points for gardening stuff, I recently swopped £5 for a £15 T&M voucher (so £15 worth of seeds for £1.95 p&p charge), and £4 worth of vouchers for 10 strawberry runners.  My gardening budget is VERY tight, so I tend to sniff out any bargains to be had and grab them.

    If you have a JTF near you that's quite good for tools & dalek-type plastic composters, just rembember that there's another 20% on top for VAT.  You don't need to be a business to register any more, just pop in & ask for a card.

    Glad to see things are a lot more positive, you certainly managed more in the half-term than I did!!

  • Lidl have got garden offers on starting on Monday, mini greenhouse, coldfame ect. So glad to hear that you are getting things together and i do hope that you get your things back. Just getting out there and starting to grow things will make you feel better. Well done for being so positive. image

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