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I grew some Echinecias from seed last year. Planted them out and eventually they did grow to the point of having a flower head on them. I've left them in situ and now they look like dead sticks.

Should I cut them back?

Thanks for any information or advice as I've not grown them before.



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    Hi hollie hock,

    Anything dead can be cut off anything. It will have no further use. All herbaceous perennials die back. You can either cut them off in autumn or spring. I tend to walk on the garden and cut in autumn and leave those I can reach from grass or path til spring. Some of them look nice through winter (but not this winter, everything went soggy and rotten). That way I don't walk on the bulbs as they come through

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    Hollie, you may find that if you look closely at the base of the stems, there may already be signs of fresh growth. If so, I'd cut them back to just above that growth & all being well they'll flower better this yr- assuming we get some sun!

    If, however there isnt any sign of new growth & the remaining top growth is well & truely dead, which it probably will be, then a gentle tug of the plant should indicate whether it's still ok. If all dead, the tug allows the whole to completely come out. image J.

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    Hols -guard against the revenge of the molluscsimage

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    Geoff, it was molluscs revenge last year, it's our turn this year

  • How long do they take to germinate?
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    Morning all, thanks for your replies. Just been outside to have a closer look at them and do the tug test. No signs of new growth at the bottom yet but . they are well and truly rooted so fingers crossed they will flower properly this year. I will cut them down, one has a lovely seed head on them so will save thatimage

    I know what you mean Geoff, not sure which the slugs/snails prefer Echineicias or Lupinsimage. Did have a few planted out last year,but only 3 survived, the others were munched.

    Can't really remember how long they took to germinate,maybe about 3 weeks. Started some more off a couple of weeks ago and only one has popped through at the moment.


  • Cool. Did you sow them indoors Mandy?
  • just planted some so will keep a close eye on them to see when they pop up.


  • Great. My green wizard are up so fingers crossed for the rest image
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