Onions and garlic

I have a few autumn planting shallots, onions and garlic sets that I did not get round to planting. Will they grow just as well if I plant them as Spring sets? Does anyone know if they are different varieties?

Any help would be appreciated.



  • stick them in and see how they go, and let us know. I think everyone on here has 'forgotten' stuff at one time or another. Like my father always says, they've got 2 chances!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,087

    They probably are different varieties, but if they're still firm I'd do as LS suggests, stick them in. 

  • The garlic will certainly be fine being planted now providing the soil isn't too wet and cold. The onions and shallots should both be fine too providing they are firm and free from mould.




    Hope it helps

  • Thanks everyone very much for the helpful advice. The bulbs are still dry and firm so I'll give them a try. However, we've only just got rid of the snow and the plot is quite waterlogged so I'll leave it a while.

  • You could always start both the shallots and garlic off in pots in the greenhouse, then transplant them out in 6-8 weeks when the soil is dryer and warmer.


  • Actually, I had benn thinking of trying that. I usually plant out directly but it will be an interesting trial to start them off in the greenhouse. Being 1000 feet up in Wales our growing season is shorter so it should give them a head start. Thanks for the suggestion.

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