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Talkback: Hedgehogs and foxes

Please supply details of a Hedgehog Hospital in the Gedling, Nottingham area for futhre reference


Jacqueline Dodsley


  • RSPCA will tell you, Jacqueline.

  • I haven't seen Hedgehog in my garden for such a long time. We have recently had a garage put up with a new side gate and my husband has left a gap at the bottom of the gate for the hogs to pass through (I hope).
  • hi there kate,

    im very lucky as i have numerous hogs in my garden,

    have you heard from ;;happy marion''?
  • I would like to make my back garden more of a wildlife garden - is there anything I can add to it for hedgehogs? Where do they hibernate, for example?
  • here in Bristol we had a abundance of wildlife but Hedgehogs have not been seen for along time.I use to have them in the garden all the time but I think and only my opinion is that a lot of the gardens here have been graveled or tarmac ed over and houses pushed in every space.The Traffic slaughtered a lot and the last ones i saw in the road were a few years ago.I can find no evidence of them in my garden,(use to find droppings)for ages,in fact about 2 years.sad times.

  • Hi all, thanks for your comments.

    Jacqueline - you can usually find details on the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website. They're updating the site at the moment, but here is the link:

    Sarah's pondlife - nice to hear from you! happy Marion is still very active on the blogs but I;m sure you will find her on the forum, where she posts lots of lovely photos of her garden.

    Lairyfairy - hedgehogs benefit from holes under fences so they can pass between gardens, leaf and log piles, compost heaps (just be careful when turning them), areas of long grass, safe access to and from your pond and no slug pellets!

  • I always had hedgehogs in my garden every year from the old allotments out the back, I got a hedgehog box and one lived in it one winter.  I used to leave out a dish of crushed peanuts, dried mealworms and raisins, that attracted the slugs at night, gave an extra feed for the hedgehogs.  Sadly one of the houses out the back next to the allotments put a six foot fence round her garden and now no hedgehogs can get through.  Sad about that.

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