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How do you dead head lupins

Nikki BNikki B Posts: 90

hello everyone, I'm a complete beginner at gardening and i wondered how do you dead head lupins! I have a few in my garden now that grew through my pile of top soil I have replanted them and now all the flowers are falling off I wondered do you cut the whole top off! I have little shoots coming through too and I'm really not sure what to do with them now, I would appriecate any help and advice.thank you x 






  • chickychicky Posts: 10,321

    Hi Nikki - I'm afraid thats a foxglove, not a lupin.  No point deadheading as that plant has now done its stuff and will now die off.  However, if you leave it the little round things that look a bit like acorns are seedpods - when they ripen and dry off they will drop thousands of seeds and you will have plants for next year.  Only tricky bit is that these new plants will just grow leaves next year, and will flower in 2017 - so you might want to buy some plants in for flowers next yearimage

  • Nikki BNikki B Posts: 90

    Thank you for your help I really appreciate your advice as I have no idea,happily learning though image

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