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Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71
hi everyone has anyone got any ideas what I can plant in my garden at this time of year plot is full sun and well drained soil the wall is painted red directly behind the plot so want plant with flowers that will stand out also want plants that are fully hardy and will stay all year


  • Kez1980Kez1980 Posts: 71
    Wow thanks gonna check these out I really love the large poppies but read that the best time to plant these is autumn so going to hold back for them just need colour but that stays as long as possible a lot of my plants are evergreen which is fine but not got colour just green
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,260

    You could also use Alliums there Kez. Have a look at some of the online bulb suppliers - you'll be spoilt for choice! The white varieties would be particularly good against your red wall. Don't forget some spring bulbs too for continuing the season. Lots of white and cream Narcissus and tulips. Liatris is another good white perennial  image

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