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We were given a family heirloom rose last year and I am 99% positive I have identified it as a Chinese Fabvier.  It has been in another garden for 50 years and was bought over from Croydon in the 60s. Prior to that it was in a Croydon garden in 1954.   It is a lovely scarlet colour  and almost looks like a miniature but is a too big.  

Interestingly my husbands family come from a family of market gardeners who owned a nursery site in elmswell in Suffolk in the 1800s. Wonder how old it really is?

It was our ruby wedding last year so it was a most appropriate gift! 

As the original plant root was so big, I was able to cut it up and now have a lovely boarder of 5 of them. They look really lovely with the blue lobelia I have added as well. The roses just keeps on flowering profusely and I am thrilled to bits with them.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,420

    Have you got a photo?image

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  • General or close up? Need to take some to send to family members as well.

    Flowers are really bright red with odd white streak , heart shape petals with yellow antlers. Dark redish brown stems and under side of star shaped thingy below flowers. They haven't stopped flowering and still have plenty of buds to open. The flowers last a long time and first ones open still going. The owner on 1954 apparently loved and new his roses and grew quite a few in his garden. He came from a line of market gardeners in suffolk. Will take some pics this weekend.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,877

    One of the whole plant, one showing stems/thorns/leaves , one showing bud shape and one showing open bloom should do it image

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