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Wisteria Problem

We have a lovely wisteria growing along an old wall. The plant must be around 50 years old, possibly more. It flowered ok in the spring but has since lost all its leaves: they have shrivelled up, gone crisp and fallen off. I have checked but can't see any marks on the leaves and the root seems fine. 

I have pruned back these dead bits and as I write I have the hose watering the ground which is extremely dry.

Any thoughts about what else I can do.  the neighbours each side have fantastic plants too but they are fine...


  • cathy43cathy43 Posts: 373

    Wisterias need lots of water, the hose will probably do the trick, hopefully

  • FirecrackerFirecracker Posts: 256

    Did you cut it back after flowering? The good watering should help.  I'll be cutting ours back when the flowers have gone, won't be long now. Keep watering.image

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