Discovery apple tree

My daughter moved last year and she has a few discovery apple trees in the garden. They did produce apples but the trees seem rather neglected. How can she prune / treat them so they flourish?


  • Its getting late to prune fruit trees usualy around september to january depends where you are colder northen areas you could still get away with it. If they are showing signs of buds and coming to life it means the sap is starting to rise and its too late they will bleed and can get infected if pruned . when you do prune look for branches that cross and cut one out, aim for an open wine glass shape If they are the newer grafted fruit trees they shouldnt need much pruning just take out crossed branches and any dead branches . clear grass and weeds from around the trunks and give the ground around them a feed -Blood fish and bone is good available B&Q Wilco or any garden centre

  • you could also think about introducing another type of apple to the garden to cross polinate and increase yeild . Google--" Discovery apple tree" it will tell you about the trees and what best to cross polinate with

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    You can prune apple trees until early March. Click on this for advice from the RHS.

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