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doves taking over



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    We used to have a large flock of starlings at our old house. We've moved walking distance and we get none now.

    We have had a mum and three young magpies in the garden and the mum was dunking bread in the bird bath before giving it to the youngsters.

    We do have a pair of collared doves too, but they are so nervous, they fly off at the smallest movement of anything.

    We have one single woodpigeon we call Fred and also a permanent pair who are always trying to 'get their freak on' on top of wobbly trellis.

    I have heard but not seen, a greenfinch calling and yesterday right outside the lounge a tiny bird which I suspect was a wren or a dunnock was making a hell of a racket.

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    If it was making 'a hell of a racket' it was likely to be a wren - they have a very loud song for such a tiny bird. 

    We have a pair of resident woodpigeons; one is called Peabrain for obvious reasons image  Last year he tried to perch on top of a sunflower imageimage

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    We have a large garden with at least 5 pairs of Wood Pigeons, Wrens, Blackies (Blackbirds), Robins, a Merlin and often a large Buzzard.

    Recently a house close by is being renovated and we have had "visitors".  They (Rats) have been evicted from the local Den and apparently are just looking for food.  They eat my bird's food and I have reluctantly been putting out only seed - a shame really, cause I love making cakes etc. with dried fruit and cereal for them.

    We put out a garden Thumper thing beside the bird food, and even sprayed Fox Pee (which was quite expensive) - but nothing deters them.

    Rats are all over the world, mainly they come at night and leave quickly when they find no food, but recently they have been seen during the day.  My neighbour, who all ready hates the birds in my garden threatened to report me, and so I called the Local Council myself.  The chap said that they were just looking for food and if I made sure there was nothing lying about, then they just look and go.

    Anyone had this problem and dealt with it in a humane way (I had Rats as a child and found them quite delightful).  

    Although obviously wild, these rats that visit my garden are very clean and healthy looking, with great coats and white teeth.

    Poisons are cheap and available at pound stores.  It is not illegal to put this in your garden, but I am worried about my Birds of Prey being harmed (carries a 3 years jail sentence here in Scotland).

    Any advice ????


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    If you did want to put down poison, watch the routes that the rats take coming into on and out of your garden. Do not put out any bird food of any kind as they will keep coming back for it. You can buy a kind of 'trap' from B&Q I think, where you put the poison in it, and site it on the rat's route. It isn't a trap that catches the rat, its more like a box with a tunnel on two sides. They should easily find the 'food' and then take it back to the nest. You need to check it every couple of days to see if the trap is empty and then see if you continue to get visitors. We had the same problem last year when new neighbours decided to do some 'work' on the inside of their house. It turned out that the rats had set up home in their enormous outside BBQ and clay oven. The birds of prey should not be able to get in the trap. The worst they could do is fly off with it and the contents will fall out.

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    It's quite a common issue Sarah. Your council chap is right - if you can make sure there's no food around for a while, that may be enough to deter them. I think the rat poison is also fine as you don't have it exposed. Most types are usually hidden where birds wouldn't be accessing it. Might be worth looking at the instructions on some of them just to find out.

    There will be others here who can help you further - it's something I've never had to deal with fortunately. 

    Whereabouts are you? We were discussing merlins recently as I got some pix of a young one when I was in Glen Lyon last week. Gorgeous birds   image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,221

    Snap gardenmaiden   image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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