Does no digging work?

The book "TINE" How to Garden Without Digging. Explains a revolutionary method of cultivating soil, available from Has anyone tried Green Manure and Direct sowing / planting successfully?



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    Are you plugging your book Andrew -for the second time today????imageimageimage

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    Haha Geoff - I just asked that on the other thread image

  • Soorry, it is a superbly well illustrated guide about how to garden without digging, did I mention that before?

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  • only with the flower borders and then I only dig about with a trowel.

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    I will try to be polite about this. image

    No-dig gardening is an old technique, dating back to the 1940s. Here's a comprehensive Wiki article:

    The idea was promoted in the 1970s, principally by Esther Deans, who wrote this book:

    No-dig can take many forms, I practise this to some extent myself. I never dig around roses, nor around most perennial plants.

    There are numerous instructional videos on YouTube, for example: 17,600 views (recommended) 59,000 views

    This practical reference is at the bottom of the Wiki article:

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    Lyon Greene wrote (see)

    I will try to be polite about this. image

    Well I don't think I will-if someone comes on this forum trying to plug a product-in a sneaky way- then in my eyes everything is fair game

    So in the interest of being fair and open-Andrew's instructional video-make of  it what you willimage-would recommend a view just before bed-time

  • Hi LG

    The references in “TINE” acknowledge Masanobu Fukuoka who wrote “The One Straw Revolution” and Bill Mollison’s Permaculture by Design. Masanobu wrote in 1975 about agricultural practises he trialled in the 1030’s. Other links on the website acknowledge more recent soil science that supports many advantages of minimal cultivation. 

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    Andrew Astle wrote (see)

    Masanobu wrote in 1975 about agricultural practises he trialled in the 1030’s. 

    Crikey. And is he still at it after all these centuries?

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    i heard Masanou deed polled his name to Monty i don't myself believe it but you never know these days figrat, and i never could understand why farmers plowed there fields so much i used to watch the birds follow and scoff every living thing there was, mind you i don know how else they could do it And as advised yesterday iv repotted my Hydranges and there in the rain all smiling to be outside till tonight,

    thanks for all the help AGAINimage 

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