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Pot bound house plant

Can anyone please give me some advice, a few years ago I brought a potted plant consisting of an Afican voilet/palour palm and a peace lily. It became pot bound very quickly, so it is now on its third pot which is 12" wide and the palour palm is nearly 4ft high. I would like to split it into individual plants but am unsure how and when I should do it. At present there are no flowers on the violet. This plant sits on my upstairs window sill, but it is now taking all of the light away from the room.



  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,185

    I have always found that spring is a perfect time to sort out houseplants.  Just as they need a bit more watering and feeding in spring, it is the time to re-pot as necessary. 

    With three plants now a bit overcrowded in their pot, I would leave it for just a few more weeks, and then make sure that the compost is nice and damp.  Remove the complete rootball from the pot and gently tease out the roots.  (A bit of patience may be required here if they have grown into each other!).

    Re-pot into separate pots, and place where each one will be happiest.  (South facing windows are generally too hot in summer, but reasonable levels of light and warmth will usually be OK).

    My African violet does exceptionally well on a north-facing windowsill.  The other plants, I'm less sure of any specific requirements.

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    The African violet will sulk if the roots are disturbed too much. Take some leaf cuttings as insurance - a healthy leaf plus its stem. These can be planted in a pot and covered with a plastic bag, or put in a glass of water until they produce roots and baby leaves.

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,185

    It's many years since I did anything so drastic with my African Violet - and had forgotten about their temperament!  Good advice Alina.  I have found the leaves in a glass of water to produce roots more reliable for propogation btw.

  • put the African violet in some john Inness soil with good drainage and a saucer .water from bottom in saucer and feed when flowering once a month.water only when really dry and do not mist although they do like a kitchen with mist from cooking but not directly on re produce ,as above is the best advice and method.image

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