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Hi all,


I'm new to the forum and new to gardening.


I bought a house approx a year ago and the garden was a mixture of a lot of different people/styles and never really finished. I ripped it all up. stones, paths grass and got it to a blank canvas of purely grass.


I am now looking for phase 2 which is get some design into the garden.


The garden is approx 3M wide by 30m long (yes long and thin). I have played with some ideas but struggling to get any real stuff down that I am happy with.


Any ideas or help would be appreciated



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  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Hi Shane, I always think that a winding path in a long narrow garden looks good as it widens the space and draws the eye into the garden. I love to see arches too with something pretty and colourful growing over them, and trees; perhaps some silver birch as they are slender and their colour is a pop of brightness. Good at the end of a long garden. Perhaps incorporate different areas like a seating area, a nice bench and a wildlife area. Get some bird boxes in and a bird bath. Ooh, and an area of planting for bees and butterflies to create interest.  Maybe a raised bed, or trough, for some home grown veggies too. I'm excited for you!  Oooh, and some evergreens like holly for winter interest. 

  • Hi Tootles,


    thanks for the reply. I have explored some of the ideas. I went to look for arches today as I was going to go with the plan below, but the arches just seem to big and wide for hte garden (even the small ones). My issues is where to squeeze it all in. I love raised planeters.


    The image below is main garden area (that will have a winding path) and then the bits towards the back are raised planters




  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    That looks great. Are you going to have any structures? Little walls or steps up to small areas? Another tip someone gave me when I had a garden that was long and narrow. It really gave interest and variety. Are you going to have any water butts or compost bins? Maybe instead of an arch you could build a pergola at one side. I have seen some very clever use of garden mirrors too that look like windows. They gave a really good illusion of depth and light. Are you going to have any garden lighting? Soooo effective. That's something to do first as involves digging up. Keep us posted on your progress. I bet it'll look fab!

  • Tootles,


    No structures or steps of that sort. I have added a winding path tonight (see picture)  I do like the idea of mirrors thought that might add a good feature.


    Not sold on a pergoda as we get enough shade in the area anyway



  • pokhimpokhim Posts: 210

    bowling alley?...

  • for those who wanted an update



  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Unless you really need a lawn I would gradually get rid except a mini meadow with long grass and wild flowers at the end.  Biodiversity is the key word to becoming one of the gardeners that are helping to save the planet for future generations of humans.  And how beautiful and full of interest biodiversity is.  You have room to make many microcllmate zones, including a raised bed with rocks in for alpine plants, a dry gravel garden, a wildlife pond with bog plants, a veg. patch to get good food for the family which has no travel miles to its debit.  Enjoy.

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    Looking much better. I think you need an archway offset somewhere down the length to break it up a bit and add a hidden part. It would also give it some height. If you extended across from the arch with some trellis to the other side, that would be even better. You could then grow some climbers up the trellis.

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  • Katherine WKatherine W Posts: 410

    Yes to archway dividing it in separate, more proportioned gardens.

    Mirrors are brilliant in theory but they need to be kept really clean, and they do mess up with bird's heads. A little blue tit in my garden spent three weeks fighting his reflection in a little mirror in our open shed last spring ( I tried covering the mirror with a towel, and it just went under the towel... "come out coward! stop hiding!")

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