How do I take and grow cuttings of Smoke Tree (royal Purple) please?

Hi All

My neighbour has a Smoke Tree that I just love and she said I can take some cuttings to grow, I am a bit of an amateur gardener so I would just like some advice on the best way to do this please and what will I need as far as routing powder etc...?

Also same question regarding Full-Moon Acer tree which I would like to grow from cutting please.

Many Thanks in advance for any help! imageimage


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    Hi Davie

    I haven't got a clue, I keep trying. I'll watch this thread and I might find out. I'll have to get another smoke tree though, mine died last summer. I fear honey fungus.

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    I have propagated both by semi-ripe cuttings. You take a 6-8 inch cutting with this years growth on it and bury the bottom 4 inch or so in the soil. The highest chance of getting them to root is in a propagator with bottom heat, out of direct sunshine, kept watered but not too much. A coldframe does work with the above conditions but takes months to root and they sometimes leaf without roots and then die quickly.

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    I have found the best way to propagate from a smoke tree is by layering, cuttings never seem to take for me. You need to find a low branch or two that can pegged down into the soil for a few months, which should then form roots, at which point it can be cut off from the parent plant.

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    Verdun wrote (see)
    I too take cuttings as blairs does.....August/sep time...but in pots left outside in shade. For me, they are easy and root quickly. I cover cuttings with polythene bag for few weeks. Then overwinter, less polythene, in greenhouse. In spring they are raring to go

    Ah, you overwinter in a greenhouse. I have left mine out and that seems to be too much for the new roots and the cuttings are dead by spring. I shall try that next year!

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    I would like t propagate smoke branches. Has any one tried to cut off some bark off living branch,wrapping in wet peat moss, then wrapping with poly and tape to hold togeather. I know this works on some bushes.

    If you have an answer please advise me,

    Bill Mixon

    Fishersville, Va. 

  • Cuttings should work for this plant, as for most that can take root from cuttings.  Take a cutting where the tiny branch meets a larger supporting branch or trunk.  Remove all but the top few leaves.  Dip the bottom of the cutting in rooting hormone.  Place the cutting in moist potting soil.  Make sure that the lowest bud on the branch is within the potting soil.  With luck, the rooting hormone will help the bud produce a root instead of a branch or leaf.  Put the cutting in a large zip-lock bag out of direct sunlight.  This will work like a mini greenhouse and control humidity.  Take a number of cuttings, and with luck, at least one will take.  Good luck.

    P.S.  Check Youtube for videos.  I found one for crape-myrtles, where much of the above instructions come from.

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    I found a trick that works well with cuttings is to slide the cutting between the edge of the pot and the soil or rooting mixture.  My cuttings work best in a mixture of Pearlite and Vermaculite.  Pearlite allows air/oxygen to get to the rooting area and Vermaculite holds subtle moisture.  The purpose of this is so your cutting doesn't rot.  9 times out of 10 rotting is what ends your cutting before it even begins.  Also, air layering will work on the smoke bush/tree and from my horticulture books it is apparently one of the easiest to propagate.  

    Hope this helps!!!!

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    Well I have just pruned mine down a bit so I will try all suggested methods. I have nothing to lose.

    My plant is pollarded rather low down. Not the most attractive looking result but the stems look pretty.

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    Snap! image

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