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Lupin pest advice

AlexXAlexX Posts: 208

Good afternoon

Please could someone confirm that my unwelcome visitors are lupin aphids? They are pretty large and all over all of the lupins. I have looked through previous posts and lupin aphids were mentioned.

Will dousing them with soapy water be enough to get rid of them?




  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    Yes they are I don't know if that will work, if there isn't too many I would leave them for the birds
  • AlexXAlexX Posts: 208

    Thanks all for replying. Edd, that was a good link to another post and I learned a lot by reading it - no natural predators - and the lupins are infested with aphids.

    As they have just finished flowering,  the ones that were worst affected got chopped. Then I sprayed the rest with horticultural soap, and squashed as many as I could stand.

    I should have checked them earlier but this is my first year gardening and I have a lot to learn.

    Logan, I would happily leave them to the birds,  but the birds in my garden seem to prefer my grass seed or raspberries.

    Thank you all for your help


  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 2,786

    This is my third year of having lupins and last year they were crawling with aphids.

    Resigned myself to chopping them down this year when they got too bad but somehow the house sparrows found them and have picked them off faster than the aphids can multiply.imageimage

    They are still flowering, very happy as I don't use pesticides. Hopefully there'll be more sparrows now for next year and they can make a start on some of the other plantsimage

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