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I'm new to gardening and am having a few problems with trees that I hoped someone could help me with. The first problem is with a discovery apple tree that was planted,and really well, last year - I even had a couple of apples! This year it has been disastrous, at first it got covered with aphids and I noticed too late i sprayed and got rid of them but then all the leaves turned brown and died image I've put a photo here:

what is wrong and what should I do??

the next issue is with a silver birch planted this year. The issue is that leaves have been dropping and now they are turning yellow. I've put a photo here:

same question - What is wrong and what should I do??

Any assistance greatly appreciated!





  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,280

    It has been quite dry this year so I wonder if your trees are getting enough water. I notice that there is grass near the apple tree. Does it grow right up to the trunk or have you left a circle of bare earth between grass and tree. It takes a while for trees and shrubs to establish and it is a good idea to water them when it doesn't rain much. Of course, you might be in a part of the country where it has been tipping it down for weeks, in which case ignore this.

  • Ed5Ed5 Posts: 5

    thanks for your reply, I live in the southwest, been quite dry - I have watered but as there has been some rain never I was worried about overwatering! The soil is clay. The birch has the circle of bare earth, the Apple tree did but its got a bit overgrown!

  • Ed5Ed5 Posts: 5

    Was wondering if either tree is suffering from some kind of disease or nutrient deficiency..

  • lots48lots48 Posts: 3

    Just possible that you sprayed apple in morning then hot sun burnt leaves?

  • Ed5Ed5 Posts: 5

    I don't think so, I only sprayed in the evening.It looks like some kind of 'leaf scorch' but I have no idea how to diagnose the root cause.

  • Ed5Ed5 Posts: 5






    Just worked out how to put the pics directly in the post so here they are:


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 21,903

    Two different problems here.

    The birch leaves look as if they are suffering from chlorosis. This is caused by a deficiency in either manganese or iron. Surprisingly, that may be caused by over-feeding with certain fertilisers. Or it may be that the ground is waterlogged. Or it may be too alkaline. Or all three. See this for more info:

    The apple tree. When you sprayed against the aphid infestation, did you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for dilution of the chemicals in water? The leaves have been scorched. If you sprayed in the evening and the sun wasn't responsible, my guess is that the spray was too strong.


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