Forest of Dean ferns

I live in the Forest of Dean and have quite a few ferns that have established themselves quite happily on their own.  I want to have a lot more as I want my garden to blend into the surroundings. Can anyone give me advice on if I can break the crowns up when dormant?  I've looked a fern sites and all the spore stuff was far too technical for me!  I'll post some photos of the ones that I have shortly if that helps?



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 2,656

    If they have moved in with you already, you obviously have the right conditions for them. Just keep your eyes open and I'm sure you'll spot some little ones  in damp shady places that you can move to where you want them. They grow quite fast once they start - I have lots of several varieties in my garden, all come unbidden. They pop up in cracks in the walls , in the damp gravel, under other plants - all over the place.

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