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Talkback: Best in show at Gardeners' World Live

You don't seem very keen on Gardeners' World Live, James. What would you change?


  • One of the presenters at the NEC today was inquiring about traditional scythes - contact Simon Fairlie at Tinker's Bubble near Yeovil (a low impact community) - my husband bought me two traditional scythes (one long and one short handle, lightweight and with Austrian blades) from them and they run courses on how to use the scythe, techniques, safety, care of the blade and son on...
  • Whatever makes a 'good' garden is personal opinion and having someone say that alot of the ones at G.World are 'rubbish' is helpful neither to the show or to the designers who exhibit there.
    What is good about this show is that there is such an mix of different types of showgardens and something for everyone to enjoy and take ideas from.
  • Hi James - I'm really interested to hear about this ethical garden. I don't know if you're able to answer personal questions - but could you give me some tips on how I could make my garden more ethical? It's just a small town garden, with a raised bed - and too much shade! I've got things like ferns, a fatsia, hellebores, hostas in there at the moment - and I'm growing herbs and salad leaves in pots in the one sunny corner. I also have a severe slug and snail problem (I can't bear to kill them, so it's my own fault). Hope you can help.
  • I had one of my best days out ever at this year's Roadshow. Some of the gardens didn't appeal to me, some did, but the overall experience was wonderful and provided much food for thought. Some of the plant sellers were very friendly and chatty as well as helpful and that helped to make the experience even better.
  • I don't think I ever said that the gardens at GW Live were rubbish: far from it I said that they were improving every year although some of them (in my opinion - and the purpose of a blog is to give an individual opinion) have a way to go. I agree with you that there is something for everybody to enjoy and take away ideas - that is the purpose of every garden show. I was inspired by Toby Buckland's enthusiasm and the idea of reusing not just the obvious but also the more unusual. Other gardens at GW Live that I thought worked well included the Akamba Migration Garden (a good message graphically expressed) and the clever 'sardine tin' canal in the Good Life Garden
  • Six of us ladies from Cheshire visited GW Live on Sunday and had a fab day. Two of us (me included) spent far too much but who can resist the delights on offer. My passion is roses and staggered home with two beauties from David Austin. Monty was superb and we could have listened to him all afternoon. It is sad he is not to be so prominent in the future as I love his style of gardening. However, I am sure GW will go on from strength to strength with Carol and Joe and ?. What has happened to Sarah Raven?
    Well done to all and we all wished we could have visited for at least 3 days and not just one.
  • James

    What a patronising load of tosh - with respect.

    I am assuming that you are on the BBC payroll because this all felt like a scripted - perhaps not because of the repetition.

    It matters not what the GW PR dept. says or does, GW has fallen from grace and judging by reports I have read, GW Live is little more than a garden centre advert.

    All the best

    Phil Voice
  • Hi Phil
    Thank you for your charming words: it always helps when people say 'with respect' before insulting you!
    Not scripted but improvised and nothing to do with any PR department!
    I thought that you were keen on promoting the industry therefore a big garden centre advert should be exactly what you wanted to see in a show. Why not come and see for yourself rather than relying on reading the reports of others?
  • The Best Small Garden (The Henri Rousseau Garden) in Hall 19 is also well worth a look! It's beautiful.
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