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  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,275

    I'm with Hostafan - a lawn like that looks like astroturf...artificial,sterile and very dull. However, at least it 'is' a lawn and not decking!!

  • Where would my dog wee..?

  • Although this lawn thingy was a tad off the wall, surely this striving for perfection/obsession is fairly common amongst gardeners. Witness the Geordies with their enormous leek & onions. giant pumpkin contests etc.

    Records  include, broccoli (35 lbs.), carrot (19 lbs), beet (43 lbs), celery (49 lbs), and red cabbage (45 lbs) to name a few. 

  • Perhaps its some deluded  dearest  wish to control nature. Perhaps it makes up for some sort of deprived garden childhood.

    I suffer from it in many similar ways as do, it seems the majority,of gardeners, 

  •  lovely lawn,but i would have liked to see the rest of the garden,my garden has an amasing amount of flowers,iam so proud of it this year,

  • I spotted a bare/brown patch on his lawn  image  My lawn is interesting this year, red thread, speedwell, large spikey grass, dips and the opposite of dips and my acacia keeps dropping all of its leaves all over it and the pigeons that sit in the acacia poop all over it.   But I can still get it stripey and the birds like it.  




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