Tulip bulbs

I've lifted tulip bulbs and stored in the greenhouse for about 3 weeks - they are now 'drying out' - how do I store these ready for replanting next year.

I know Monty's advise is to 'bin them' and buy new next year but these were such lovely colours and I would like to have the pleasure of them next year


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,360

    The best chance of getting repeat flowering from tulips is to plant them deep (8 to 10 inches - 20 to 25cm) and leave them there, then there is no need to lift.  As you have already lifted them, they need to be stored somewhere cool (no higher than 20C is probably ideal) and dry until re-planting time in October to December.  Personally I don't have anywhere that stays cool enough so mine stay in the ground or, for 'fancy' types which rarely repeat whatever you do, buy new each year.

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  • Mutley200Mutley200 Posts: 32

    Thanks BobTheGardener for your response

    I suspected that I had not planted them deep enough - I'm on sandstone so it's difficult to get them in 8inches.  I'll cut my losses and buy new next year!

    Thanks again


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