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Can I put my lillies  begonias and geraneums  in the garden from the tubs now 

As I have a new border I need low growing plants to stop the weeds growing so quickly I have a philidelphus which was covered in aphids will it flower this year

 I also have a camelia and a spirea  and three roses


any advice welcome


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,293

    You can plant your lilies in the border. #

    The begonias are not hardy so would need taking inside for the winter.  

    Do you mean pelargoniums (often called geraniums by garden centres that should know better) or hardy geraniums? Pelargoniums, unlike true geraniums, are not hardy, so will also need to go inside when it begins to get cold. 

    You could use a bark mulch under your new shrubs to reduce weed growth and help them to get established.Until then they will do better without competition from other plants. You could plant something like nepeta and dianthus along the edge of the border for summer flowers and winter foliage.

    Philadelphus are coming to the end of their flowering season now, so if there is no sign of buds you will have to wait until next year. The camellia will need acid soil to thrive.

  • Buttercupdays

    Thank you for all your advice I thought of bark  but it doesnt look nice  yes the camelia is in acid soil    

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