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My lanky chilli plant.

dominomandominoman Posts: 150

I bought a pot with chilli seeds from the garden centre.  I don't know what variety.  It was one of these packages that comes with everything, compost, seeds and the pot.

The picture on the box showed a small chilli bush with lots of branches.  Instead mine is shooting straight up.  The coffee jar and blender in the photo give you a sense of scale

Is this right?  Do I need to do anything to care for it.  I know nothing about chilli plants (or any plants tbh).

Thanks for any advice. 




  • Vegman158Vegman158 Posts: 5

    That does not look like a chilli plant.image

    I think the label has been put in the wrong plant.

  • I agree, doesn't look like a Chilli plant to me either. But no idea what it really is : /

  • dominomandominoman Posts: 150

    Oh dear!  So maybe my chilli seeds never germinated.  I did put about 30 of them in the soil and this was the only thing that germinated.

    So I have been carefully tending a triffid all this time?  image

    Does anyone recognise what it is?  Should I just bin it?

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