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Farmhouse yard west facing corrugated wall needs covering!

We're moving into a very old farmhouse and the farm'yard' at the front of the house is basically a large area of old, gravelled, cobbled, concreted ground and the west facing 'wall' of this yard is a double storied black corrugated store/barn. It's the one big problem with the garden to the property. The rest of the garden around the farmhouse is a big blank canvas that I can probably deal with. However, this black corrugated wall is my concern and I'm looking for some ideas/help please for what to try and grow up this wall, bearing in mind there's a chance the wall may get hot and there will be limited places to anchor any climbing support. The ground below it is probably not going to be suitable to plant anything into either, although until I get down and dirty I won't discover what it's like! I could create a raised bed of some description if necessary. Any ideas would be most appreciated! Thanks


  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 2,973

    Hello, I had a similar problem wanting to hide a rusty tin roof on a large shed at the bottom of my garden, really an eyesore looking down from upstarpirs windows! I planted a rambling rose, a mermaid. This grows incredibly quickly with single petal blooms that bees love and the birds adore it also. Its very hardy and doesn't have any support whatsoever. I'm sure other people will come up with lots of other options too! image good luck.

  • Thank you WonkyWomble! That sounds a nice idea! Just wondering whether the rose was supported by the fact that the roof in question at yours was on a slant? 

  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 2,973

    The rose had a meter and a half to climb before it had anything to cling to, it was a football transplanted from another garden where it had taken over! I don't recall, it may have had a small bit of trellis at the base but didn't really use it! Just does its own thing! Have a look on the David Austin website image


  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 2,973

    Haha corrective text! It was a root ball! Not a football!

  • Hehe! Thanks for that. Will definitely check out

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