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Can anyone please help me, my passion flower is being eaten alive by earwigs, is there anything on the market that I can get to get rid of the little blighters.


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 21,908

    I've heard that they are attracted to the smell of olive oil and that a glass jar buried in the ground and containing some will catch them. Never tried it myself though and I think it may be a good idea to put some sort of loose lid over the top to stop it filling up with soil.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Place a plastic cup stuffed with straw on the top of a bamboo and they will go in there to shelter and you can easily dispose of them.
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