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What to plant?

I have never planted anything until last week and I have the start of courgettes and some little gem lettuce on my windowsill




 What can I plant on my balcony and would I need to buy grow bags or pots?

Basically I have no clue about any of this but I want to start growing my own produce due to my plant-based diet and would like a lot of what I eat to come from my own work



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  • The space  I have is 11 foot across

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  • I don't eat that many courgettes and radishes aren't my favourite. Can I plant carrots, leeks or something else?


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    You might need to make sure your balcony is strong enough to hold the weight of any container big enough to grow veg in + your weight when you're watering etc.  Swiss chard might be a possibility.

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    I'm sure you've already thought of it, but herbs are a must. Perfect for a balcony with a bit of sun, shop bought herbs are expensive and hard to keep fresh so definitely worth growing! They look attractive in pots too.

    With a limited space, I'd concentrate on things that would otherwise be expensive/difficult to buy. 

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    Rainbow chard. It's wonderful stuff - not only does it look cheerful, but it's easy to grow in pots. 3 to 4 plants should be enough for one person for a season as you harvest the largest leaves from the outside. You can grow it all year round, but each plant will eventually need replacing. It's beautiful in burgers or shredded and mixed into a bowl of miso soup or noodles at the last minute. Has a better taste and texture than spinach in my opinion.

    It's also a surprise to see which colour you get with each sprouting. image I'm a massive chard fan. image

  • All great selections. The quote function is not working for me I have been waiting for somebody to get back to me with the strength

  • I think I will plant strawberries and green veg. Would I need a gro bag or pots? Are leeks an option? I want to plant things I will eat not just for the sake of having something growing

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