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Growing Sweet potato - things I need to look out for

Another Garden Center rescue yesterday,  a sweet potato plant in a pot and an aubergine, both 25p each.   

What advice can be given for growing the sweet potato?  Ive got it in a potato bag at moment, as I dont have any garden for veg growing,  I do have a raised border but its stuffed full of courgettes, beans and peas (peas the steal from myself when Im not looking!),  

Its got a pretty healthy vine, and was originally priced at £3. What do I look out for, how do I know if its developed a crop .  Ive never grown them before, but for 25p  I think its worth the experiment!


  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    Don't know how to grow them go to web
  • I grew sweet pots for the first time last year in the polytunnel. Types were Beauregarde improved and Carolina Ruby. Absolute stonking success so raised slips for this year. My top tips are: they really like it hot and they are thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

  • Lizzy CJLizzy CJ Posts: 35

    thanks Lesley,  I have no idea of the variety as no label attached, just a 25p sticker on it! image


  • Hi Lizzy

    as for when the crop is ready I think try to leave them as long as poss to get decent sized pits. Some protection from frost would help but if the tops get frosted I think the crop gets damaged quite quickly. The top puts on a lot of growth before the pots really develop so fight the urge yo harvest too soon. I dug mine in late October last year, they go much deeper than standard potatoes so I'm also growing mine in potato bags this year to save some effort.

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