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Courgettes in containers

Last year I quite successfully grew cucumber in containers and thought this year I'd have a go at the courgette. I live in Scotland which so far has had little sun.  I've grown them from seed and at present have three decent sized plants on the go in a very cheap greenhouse (from Woolworths and still going strong) which are now flowering.  Bearing in mind I set the seed in early April when should I realistically expect them to bear fruit (or veg). Thanks in advance image


  • Mine took 15 weeks from sowing to cropping. I sowed 7th March indoors and planted out to a raised bed (South-East England) 10th May and got my first 6 inch courgette last week. It was flowering for at least a month before this but not producing so I'd imagine a shorter time before fruiting is very possible. This was my first try at growing them. I also decided to boil the courgette to eat it which everyone I've told was disgusted with, apparently I should be roasting them, hopefully I get more to be able to improve my culinary skills.

  • Or sliced long-ways with a vegetable peeler and add to salads, one inch slices tossed in oil and stir-fried or stuff with couscous and oven bake with fresh tomato sauce.  

    They freeze well too.

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    Longshanks - I have been unable to reply to your PM (keep getting an error message - don't know why) - but here is what I was trying to say:-

    My plants are outside at the end of a large raised bed (about 2' high by 4' wide by 6' long). They were filled with a mix of soil and mushroom compost a couple of years ago and have had some garden compost and Growmore added this year. The soil tends to dry out fairly quickly. The beds are south facing and reasonably sheltered but they are shaded by mature trees from about 2 till 6pm. 

    I have had very limited success with growing outdoor toms and courgettes because we rarely get the hot summers needed for these plants. This spring / early summer has been particularly cold and also very dry - so I am not expecting great things (which is why I only have 2 courgette and 2 tom plants). I only put the toms in because I had a bit of space at the end of the bed.

    They are all still really small plants (toms about 8" high) because of the cold but I do now have a courgette flower (male) and a few tomato buds - but fruiting is weeks off yet. A neighbour has toms in a greenhouse which are 3' high and bearing fruit - that's the difference a bit of warmth and protection makes!

    How about you? Where are yours and how are they doing?


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  • Thanks for all that info Topbird.  All my plants are at a very early stage and not all performing at the same level unfortunately.  Courgettes flowering  (how do you know if its male?) - excuse my ignorance - and tomatoes are growing healthily.  I too have a small raised bed about 4' x 4' and 2' high with potatoes and leeks (for the soup) and beetroot, peppers and cucumber all at varying lengths of progression in pots.  All the herbs are loving the lack of sun it seems mint, rosemary, thyme and parsley thriving. I ll try to get some pics of them all on at some point - maybe when it stops raining.

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    Female courgettes have a small lump beneath the flower (a potential courgette) - males don't. I think I read somewhere that you tend to get more male flowers (which don't go on to produce a courgette) at the beginning of the season and when it's colder. 

    When you do get female flowers, these need to be fertilised by the male ones. Bees and other pollinators usually get on with this job but you can 'lend a hand' with a paintbrush if necessary (again, cold summers usually mean some intervention).

    I always find that some herbs such as mint, parsley, chives and coriander are a bit like salad leaves and do better when it's a bit cooler. They tend to bolt and go over very quickly when it's hot and dry. Thyme, rosemary and sage don't mind a bit of heat and rosemary and thyme seem to thrive on under watering and neglect - definitely my sort of plants!!

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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