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whats happening my carrots

Ray 3Ray 3 Posts: 26

hi all,

my carrots are or should I say were thriving up until a few days ago but now I have a problem.They are all beginning to die off on me.At the moment they are approx 6 inches high in good soil surrounded by an anti carrot fly mesh barrier the whole way around them.I have four drills of them and they are beginning to die off in patches.The foliage is a healthy green all over with no rust that then just sags off and dies.It would at first impression appear that it was drought but thats not the case.If it were carrot fly I didnt think it killed the foliage this early (had carrot fly last year hence the mesh barrier)

Any advice please,also if Iwere to unearth all existing carrots and resow them in same place would it be a waste of time if it was the dreaded carrot fly in the soil at this time.

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