Monet's Garden, Giverney

Am considering a visit in September- depending on a number of factorsimage

I know some on this forum have visited -would just like an indication please how long it takes to see properly-is an afternoon?- say 3 hours- long enough?- or more or less?image



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    Everyone I know who's been says the best time to see it is early morning before the coach parties arrive so I would consider staying overnight somewhere nearby if poss and getting an early start.   My friends have spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon, even those who've been more than once as there are different things to see at different seasons.

    I have yet to persuade OH to take me so might have to plan a solo or girls' trip once I have two functioning feet again.

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    Friends have been. They said it was amazing and spent a day there.

  • It's not an enormous garden, Geoff, couple of acres probably - no great distance involved, so it's about your individual style of looking at things. We had a whole day there, but that included looking inside the house, which is very interesting - especially if you like Japanese art, walking up the village for lunch at the Hotel Baudy, a look in the Musee d'Art Americain, and un petit hommage at Monet's grave. So I would think if you could stretch your three hours to four you'd be fine.

    In September the garden will be a mass of colour from dahlias, 'big daisies', hollyhocks and so on.

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    Thanks all for the advice-I will be driving back from Spain so it has to be in the afternoon before going onto Calais for a late crossing-will now book that for around 8 pm which all being well should give 4 or so hours-all subject to not selling the house etc. etc.image

    Anyone want to buy a house?imageimage

  • Not having an opportunity of visiting Giverney, I went to "Bennets" near Weymouth which pupports to be similar. Lots of ponds,a copy of the famous bridge etc. Hugely disappointing...almost no lilies, the whole experience was a sad one. Sorry to have to say it but I won't be recommending it to anyone.

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