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Seen a garden course advertised in Gardeners' World. Has anyone used these courses, and were they useful? Cost, duration etc.? Thanks


  • What are you thoughts on it so far NGCARDS?

  • sand8sand8 Posts: 23

    RHS run one in conjunction with the Garden School, Edinurgh, info on the RHS web site. Its a virtual course, but you get allocated tutors etc and you have to send in your work etc, You get pod casts from various guest lecturers and one of them is the designer John Brookes. Haven't done the course myself, am considering it.

  • sand8sand8 Posts: 23

    Sorry should have said the one the RHS link into is for the garden design side, I have just completed my RHS L2 (practical) with my local college, which was excellent as very hands on. The RHS syllabus for the course involves doing numerous idents throughout the year on plants, trees, alpines, pests, etc (using the latin for the plants, trees)...which certainly taxed my brain, but you can take the course without doing any of the idents or the RHS workbook but you then can;t get your RHS certs. My college took the option of running an allotment module as well so we all had to tend allotments as part of it...these were sited at the college. Plenty of other practical work, including helping to build a show garden at an RHS Garden Show

    There is an RHS L2 Theory Course, which seems to tbe the one that NGCARDS link refers to, which is the one I want to do from Sept. Other people I know who have done the plant theory etc, say it is excellent, does require additional research work and although can be done by virtual learning, they wouldn't recommend it unless you are very disciplined. I have got the text books and they are a good read. Again if you want the RHS qual, there are 4 exams to be passed, but you can choose how many to do at any time. Once you have done both the Practical and Theory then you have your RHS diploma. After that you can go on and do your L3 or a Horticulture Degree.

    Hope my ramble helpsimage

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